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Viola - Israel FinTech Map August 2018 | Viola Group
22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

Read More
22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

Read More
22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

Read More

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Human Resources leads at SodaStream, Playbuzz and Amdocs share their tips for effective Employer Branding

Viola Editorial April 23, 2019
According to a recent Viola survey we ran among our portfolio company Heads of HR, all of the participating companies agreed that ... MORE
We love our company

How the things we did differently at Samanage helped to navigate the company to a $350M exit

Ronen Nir April 12, 2019
This is definitely one of the most emotional post I have written in a long time! Yesterday, SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) announced that ... MORE
Ronen with Samanage's management team

“36% of Israeli CTOs find recruiting R&D talent in Israel very hard”: CTOs at SimilarWeb, Payoneer and others share best practices for R&D outsourcing

Ofer Brandes April 07, 2019
We recently hosted a Viola CTO Forum session for our portfolio company CTOs and VPs R&D, about the challenges of recruiting de... MORE
Viola’s R&D Outsourcing and Distributed Development Survey Results (Jan 2019)

[VIOLA DATA] Is the median time between funding rounds shorter than we think?

Viola Editorial April 03, 2019
One of the most well-known stats in the startup/investment industry is that a funding round should be sufficient for 18-24 months ... MORE
Median time between funding rounds

[REPORT] Deep Dive into the Israeli Retail Tech Ecosystem

Daniel Cohen March 27, 2019
Despite a population of only 8 Million people, Israel has a whopping 500+ startups specializing in retail tech, so it’s no wonde... MORE
Israeli Retail Tech Ecosystem

Why I’m excited about my first investment, Applicaster: The company that’s shaking up app development for media companies

Eran Westman March 26, 2019
Only a few months after transitioning from company CEO to a partner at Viola Growth, I was fortunate to come across what would bec... MORE

[EXIT] McDonald’s announces agreement to purchase Viola Growth portfolio company Dynamic Yield

Viola Editorial March 26, 2019
We're super excited by the news of our latest exit: McDonald’s Corp. is buying Viola Growth portfolio company Dynamic Yield in a... MORE
McDonald’s Corp. is buying Israeli digital startup Dynamic Yield

[VIOLA DATA] Do all verticals mature equally?

Viola Editorial March 20, 2019
As a cross-stage investment group, it is important for us to analyze our investment theses over time and examine whether the areas... MORE
Do all verticals mature equally?

What is People Analytics and how to use it to your company’s benefit

Timor Shabtay March 06, 2019
People analytics is “50% cold, hard statistics and 50% common sense”, says Facebook’s Global Head of Workforce Planning, Ros... MORE
People Analytics

[VIDEO] VIOLA: We’re there to help entrepreneurs “get it right”

Viola Editorial February 24, 2019
In keeping with our tradition of an annual fun movie, here's the 2019 edition, celebrating self-reflection and the value of winnin... MORE
VIOLA - We're there to help entrepreneurs "get it right" What made me invest in a company I turned down just 2 years ago?

Ronen Nir January 29, 2019
When Co-founder and CEO of, Tom Livne, came to see me for the first time in 2016, he pitched me on their new and advance... MORE
Ronen Nir and Tom Livne

Ready to find your next dream job? Check out our new Viola Careers website!

Viola Editorial November 25, 2018
At Viola, we're big believers in “partnering for excellence”, which is why we continuously look for ways to provide significan... MORE
Viola Careers header