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Viola - The future of personalization (and the tool we believe will power it) August 2018 | Viola Group
22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

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22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

Read More
22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

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SemiSummit Tel Aviv 2020: A Semiconductor Renaissance

Viola Editorial January 27, 2020
There is a renaissance in the semi industry, both globally and in Israel. With the massive use of AI/ML, data continues to ... MORE

What Does it Take to Grow By 100 Employees Within a Year?

Timor Shabtay January 07, 2020
Recruitment has long been a major pain point for companies trying to scale. Employers have to shell out thousands of dollars in ad... MORE

Viola’s Top 11 Predictions for Tech & Investing in 2020

Viola Editorial December 23, 2019
.flex-container { display: flex; align-items: flex-start; flex-direction: row; margin-bottom: 50px; } .img-wra... MORE
Viola Predictions

Israel FinTech Map

Viola Editorial December 10, 2019
NOTE: The Israel FinTech Map was last updated on December 10, 2019 and is updated on a regular basis. FinTech has been an impor... MORE
Viola Group Israel

[Viola Data] HR/Finance Employee Ratios in Israel

Viola Editorial November 21, 2019
The ratio of HR employees to total employees in Israel depends very much on the size of the company. The smaller the company, the ... MORE
HR Finance Benchmarks

How Israeli Companies Are Using Data To Revolutionize Insurtech

Tomer Michaeli November 19, 2019
The Insurtech investment industry is hot. Globally, it’s grown from under $1 billion in capital investments in 2015 to $4.6 bill... MORE

Money 20/20 Made it Clear: FinTech is Now Eating the World

Omry Ben David November 11, 2019
I recently returned from the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, the industry gathering that attracts the global fintech communit... MORE
Money 20/20

13-Point Checklist: How To Know If You’re Ready For Growth Funding

Natalie Refuah November 10, 2019
The number of Israeli companies receiving growth funding has been rising at a rapid pace over recent years, jumping from 50 in 201... MORE
Growth Funding

What Made Fashion Retail Company Ruti a VC Investment

Daniel Cohen November 07, 2019
Last week we announced our latest investment – a $6M round in a women’s fashion retail chain called Ruti. Founded by Ruti Ziss... MORE

Pitchbook: Viola Ventures Analyzes the Evolution of Israeli VC

Viola Editorial October 16, 2019
Israel's rise to a global startup hub has been nothing short of remarkable. The country saw 107 VC deals worth around $484 million... MORE

4 Thoughts on the Outbrain-Taboola & ironSource Deals

Viola Editorial October 15, 2019
Last week marked a significant moment in the Israeli tech ecosystem, with 3 companies announcing major achievements. ironSource, ... MORE
Outbrain Taboola

My First Investment With Viola: How We Rediscovered Syte

Yael Alroy September 11, 2019
Since meeting with Syte, I’ve been walking around the Viola offices taking pictures of my coworkers in their hip and snazzy outf... MORE
Syte Viola