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Viola - Israel Growth Summit 2021 January 20, 2021 | Viola Group
22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

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22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

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22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

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Similarweb is now trading on the New York Stock Exchange (SMWB)

Viola Editorial May 13, 2021
Viola Growth portfolio company SimilarWeb successfully completed its Initial Public Offering (IPO) today on the New York Stock Exc... MORE

Hacking the Value of a “Unit of Growth” (and why it matters)

Rafi Carmeli May 04, 2021
  A lot has been said over the past year about the rising valuations of software companies as revenue multiples have expande... MORE


Viola Editorial April 28, 2021
2020 was a major year for tech and the Israeli ecosystem in particular. Like most world economies, the Israeli markets too were i... MORE


Timor Shabtay April 07, 2021
Viola’s new HR data is focused on employee benefits for Israeli companies who have operations in the US, to help them support th... MORE

ironSource Announces Combination with Thoma Bravo Advantage

Viola Editorial March 22, 2021
ironSource, a leading business platform that enables mobile content creators to prosper within the app economy, will combine with ... MORE

It took us a week to decide to invest in Datagen – Here’s why

Zvika Orron March 15, 2021
Investing in deep tech startups can often be challenging for three major reasons: the tech solution must be superior to that of th... MORE

Payoneer to go public

Viola Editorial February 04, 2021
12 years ago, Viola Ventures General Partner, Avi Zeevi, (the “godfather” of Israeli finTech), led an investment in Payoneer w... MORE

Israel Growth Summit 2021

Natalie Refuah January 20, 2021
2020 was a tipping point for the Israeli tech ecosystem and a year in which the glass ceiling was shattered for Israeli companies ... MORE

Viola HR Survey – COVID-19 Impact on 2021 Plans

Timor Shabtay January 07, 2021
9 months after COVID-19 outbreak, we set out to understand how tech companies are adjusting their HR operational model to the new ... MORE

A 20-year journey. Feels like we’re just getting started…

Merav Meluban December 21, 2020
Nine months ago, we were standing in our best clothes, ready to kick off our 20th anniversary party. The red carpet and stage were... MORE

Fintech 2021 – Leaning into the New Year

Maayan Levy December 17, 2020
Reflecting on the past year brings up mixed emotions. As Dickens accurately sums up- it was the best of times, it was the worst of... MORE

Investing in a hidden treasure?

Rafi Carmeli December 16, 2020
Companies invest enormous resources in developing great products and aspire for the highest level of customer satisfaction. An inc... MORE